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Window roller shades are the most preferred type of window treatment. This is because they are practical affordable, convenient, and simple. At Roller Shade Team we have the best roller shades and are the number one sellers of the same. Our roller shades are mostly sought after owing to the fact that we try to move from the traditional kind of roller shades to providing several options to our customers. Call us on 888-309-3357 to find out more about our roller shades. We will provide fabric roller shades as well as vinyl roller shades.


Affordable prices

Our roller shades are some of the most inexpensive in the market. In these hard economic times that we are living in, the price of anything we need becomes an important factor to consider. With this in mind we have priced our roller shades fairly to offer our customers perfect value for the best roller shades. Get in touch with our customer representatives on 888-309-3357 for more details about our pricing. We guarantee that you will be amazed at the pocket friendly costs that will sure fit within your budget.


Different options available

Good old roller shades offer optimum window treatment and protection in their simple nature. We however like to add some spice to ordinary roller shades to come up with more interesting shades. One of the ways that we do this is by adding the motorized option. This way we ensure an increased functionality and convenience. The motorized lift system adds a pinch of sophistication as well as making life a little easier for you as you dont have to struggle to put the shade up or down-thanks to the remote operated motorized system. Get in touch with us on 888-309-3357 for more information about the motorized option roller shades. This has become one of the fastest selling window treatments.

Call us today on 888-309-3357 for the best roller shades in town. Enjoy our inexpensive prices as you select from a wide range of roller shades.

Great variety

To ensure that you get the best window roller shades we have incorporated variety to our products. Our roller shades come in a wide variety of fabric, differing degrees of light control and different quality. The fabric options will enable you choose the most appropriate material that will blend in well with your house dcor scheme. The different colors will also make it easier to match your fabric roller shades with other elements in the house such as wall color and furniture. Get in touch with us on 888-309-3357 for more on our wide variety of roller shades.

Customized solutions

Another exciting aspect that we have added to our roller shades is the custom option. We take orders to make window roller shades as per specifications by our clients. This gives you the freedom to choose which fabric, color and pattern to have on your roller shades. We give you the opportunity to come up with a unique design for your rollers shades depending on your creativity. This aspect has made us a favorite of many who like to have their roller shades falling into the theme for their house. Give us a call 888-309-3357 and let us know what type of roller shades you would love. We also make vinyl roller shades to suit your taster and style.

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